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  • 15 Luglio 2018
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Our history

Andrea Girolami began his professional career as a Business Consultant for numerous prestigious companies whilst continuing his academic participation in  several worldwide projects aimed at formulizing and implementing strategic choices within corporations.

The turning point of his professional development arrived in 2000, when he founded his own DMC and Incoming Tour Operator RSI Travel. Hugely successful in establishing itself as one of the most dynamic realities in Italy, it soon grew fivefold in ten years becoming “RSI GROUP” with five separatio divisions: RSI Communication, RSI Travel, Corporate & Events, Luxury Travel and Weddings. During that same period and driven by the success of RSI Group, Andrea Girolami launched other successful initiatives.

He entered into the Hospitality industry in 2011 with the purchase of his first property. The Independent which, opened in Rome city centre the following year and, became his first 4 star boutique Hotel. His ambitious development plans did not stop there and he continued to flourish along with other members, leading to the opening of 16 Hotels. Growth in hospitality continues to succeed with the imminent inauguration of a luxury 5 star hotel in Florence by the end of 2019, and to be shortly after followed up in Venice and Milan too.

The opening of Italy Hotels Collection, a Management and Consultancy company specializing in hotel marketing and revenue management for private independent Hotels, dates back to 2015. Currently this line of business carries a portfolio of just over thirty properties and has a challenging goal of reaching 100 properties over the next two years.

In 2017 the first 'Bistro opened in Rome, Diana’s Place’: an elegant and informal ambience enriched with a Gourmet kitchen. The latest project has been the opening of Private Retreats for the elderly in Central Italy. In 2019 the AG GROUP brand, acronym of Andrea Girolami, was founded to present together once brand for all of these initiatives. It is the first ever Italian Incoming Tourist Group operating with the integration of Hotels, DMC, Bistros, Hotel Consultants and Retirement Homes.

The company founded by Andrea Girolami continues to grow.  It employs more than 250 people and will very shortly open its doors of its first five-star Hotel in Florence.