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  • 15 Luglio 2018
  • 30 Notte
  • 8 Notte

IL Tornabuoni Hotel is located within one of the oldest and most prestigious palaces of Florence, which dates back to the 13th century.

Discover 62 rooms that in the names, environments, colors and furnishings recall the Renaissance, characters, stories and artistic magnificence — giving life to one of the very first experiments in the world of real union, not only design, between ancient and modern.

A modern building with contemporary features and rooms with Villa Borghese view.

Situated just off Via Veneto, the designed property caters to free-spirited guests seeking vibrant and socially inclusive stays.

Vivid colors, distinct atmosphere of the common areas hospitality express a unique character, providing a positive influence in the mood and feelings of our guests.

The Glam welcomes its guests in a modern and exclusive location.

In the heart of Rome's fashion district, The Style welcomes its guests with a modern design and contemporary character, immersed in an atmosphere of superb beauty. Sophisticated and yet modern, the ultimate organisation of space and brightness enhanced by the neutral colours help to create a warm and friendly welcoming ambiance.

Contemporary design in the heart of history.
45 bright, spacious, air-conditioned rooms with parquet floors.
Everything designed to measure specifically for The Independent and for your comfort.

One of the fundamental features of this designer hotel is its young contemporary feel. This is particularly evident in the choice of furniture, innovative style, clean modern lines and from the decor and lighting, all of which have been designed to provide each room with a new and fresh feeling.

Set in a historically building of the city centre, The Republic hotel is ready to welcome you in a modern location with a contemporary character.